Helping to launch your Open Bank platform as a challenger bank, driving a digitally offering, or rapidly enable new propositions. All this is done using our proven methodology, innovation expertise, and change experience.


Typical symptoms

  • Unable to brand and appeal to next generation customers with an entirely digital banking experience centered around targeted needs, not just one-size-fits-all products
  • Being a champion in a non-bank vertical (e.g. telco, media, retailer, engineering, etc.) with a significant customer base and trusted brand but wanting to leverage financial services to decrease attrition and amplify your core businesses
  • Too slow to build and roll-out innovative new products and services due to legacy technology stack, waterfallorganization model and a withholding culture
  • Dreaming of Bank as a service (BaaS) to build continuously collaborative, sustainable and yet retentive ecosystem with your corporate, SME and consumer customer base

What we do

Building your open bank (as a challenger or to amplify your non-banking core businesses) – It’s completely possible to develop, launch and operate your own, targeted banking services – as an Open Bank – from the ground up in a matter of months, not years. You don’t need the most expensive and complex technology. Nor is an army of back office staff a requirement anymore. There are still some deeply rooted misconceptions that are holding back innovation and limiting the appetite to take advantage of the unique opportunities ahead – specific to your unique business model. These opinions need to change. This is our mission.